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   Shurcut Pet Parlour provides service to all dog types. We groom to your preference whether it be to breed standards or personal preference. Our goal is to provide affordable and quality grooming services, with your dog’s comfort in mind. Each dog is given individual time and attention to ensure a quality experience for the pet and owner alike. We also do our best to allow your dog some social time while they wait to be picked up by their owners.

Puppy's First Visit Free

     We encourage owners to bring their dogs for a free first visit when they are very young (as soon as their vaccinations are up to date). This helps the process of grooming (bathing, drying, clipping and trimming) much easier for the rest of your dog's life.

      When they are puppies everything is really fun and life is full of great adventures. Once the hormones kick in everything is a lot more serious when introducing new situations, therefore showing them new objects, noises and new surroundings is far better for them at a young age.

     Puppies take more information into their brain in the first few months of their life, which is why we encourage owners to bring them at an early age.

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